Cheer as loudly as the engines that roar at Interlagos, home of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Getting ready for the fight. (Image: CatherhamF1)

Getting ready for the battle of an exclusive club. (Image: CatherhamF1)

Gentleman, start your engines. (Image: TopFormula1)

Grid girls at the Brazilian Grand Prix. (Image: Sutton Images)

Brazilian Grand Prix –

Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Image: Infiniti)


Interlagos hosts the second to last F1 race for the year. A fast track that runs anti-clockwise with long straights, bumps and rolling corners that offers a unique challenge to drivers. Passionate Paulista’s and high altitude and rain soaked race days make it one of the most memorable race events on the calendar.

The blur of motion at Interlagos, one of the fastest tracks in Formula 1. (Image: CatherhamF1)

Fast and yet faster, Interlagos is an incredibly challenging course at high altitude. (Image: CaterhamF1)

(Image: CatherhamF1)

The race is so much more than the glamour of F1. It is also an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo offers race fans pleasant distractions away from Interlagos. (Image: Igor Schutz)

Sao Paulo, a city of art and architecture. (Image: Edu Alpendre)

Sao Paulo offers a large number of great bars and restaurants to entertain you. (Image: Dubem)

A visit to Sao Paulo is a trip to a land of romance. (Image: Edu Alprende)

(Image: Gustavo Gomes)

(Image: Thales Munhoz)

(Image: Infiniti)

(Image: Infiniti)