Embrace the luxury of duty-free shopping right from your seat onboard. Say goodbye to queues and hello to effortless indulgence as you explore our curated selection of products.

From premium fragrances to gourmet treats and exclusive accessories, we've assembled a range of offerings to delight every traveller. Take your time to browse and discover unbeatable discounts and travel exclusives that await you.

With the convenience of onboard shopping, there's no need to plan ahead. Simply sit back, relax, and treat yourself to something special during your flight.

View the full range either at the turn of a button or click of a mouse. As easy as that!



Our promise to You:

What could be more convenient than shopping for duty-free products right from your seat onboard? We maintain the highest standards by offering a wide range of international brand-name products at competitive prices, ensuring the utmost quality and guaranteed satisfaction.

Stay Informed and Save:

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Why Wait? Enjoy the Benefits of Shopping While You Fly:

Unlock exclusive onboard discounts and products without the hassle of airport queues. Save time by shopping from the comfort of your aircraft seat and avoid the hassle of searching through the entire airport for what you need. Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, embrace the joy of the journey without the stress of last-minute shopping.

Experience Duty-Free Shopping in 4 Easy Steps:

  • Browse our catalogue onboard the aircraft.
  • Browse and select your desired product
  • The crew onboard will assist you with making payment onboard using Credit Cards.
  • Your product will be handed to you by the crew onboard.


This Month's Favourites:

Ease, convenience, worry-free shopping delivered to you personally

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey alongside the delightful goodies you've acquired, hand-delivered to you by our dedicated crew.