• SAA Leadership Team

    SAA's dynamic leadership team is led by Mr Thomas Kgokolo, SAA Interim Chief Executive Officer, under the guidance of the airline's esteemed Board of Directors. The leadership team sets to fulfill SAA's strategic goals, ensuring that the airline grows into a sustainable, world class airline.




    MJ Lamola Interim Chairperson

    Mr TTM Kgokolo

    Interim Chief Executive Officer

    Mr NO Fadugba

    Interim Non Executive Director (British)

    Ms EL Van Harte

    Interim Non Executive Director

    Mr MP Tshisevhe

    Interim Non Executive Director

    Ms MMB Zwane

    interim Non Executive Director

    Mr Z Mhlontlo

    Interim Chief Financial Officer

    Mr T Tsimane

    Interim Chief Commercial Officer

    Ms Mpho Letlape

    Interim Human Resources Executive

    Capt. Sakhile Reiling

    Executive: Operations