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SAA and its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is managed under the transformative and developmental role of state owned enterprises

Our Position

  • As the national carrier we are mindful of our responsibility to not only be a beneficial and caring corporate citizen, but to support you and uplift our communities.


    The challenges we face in identifying and meeting our CSI objectives come down to a simple reality: a shortage of resources limits our capacity to meet our aim of building a globally competitive nation.

    We have strong partnerships and found creative ways of doing and are able to say that we are living our mandate.

    SAA is mandated to:

    • Overcome inequalities in scarce skills and employment opportunities
    • To provide economic growth.
  • Sustaining our Global Reach

    In identifying CSI projects we are not restricted to programmes within South Africa’s borders. As South Africa’s flag carrier and Africa’s leading airline our CSI initiatives can be found within our borders, across continental Africa and on the shores of our global tourism and trade partners.

    We do not provide capital to our beneficiaries, instead contributions are made in the form of value-in-kind resources. The skills and expertise of SAA staff are made available as well as SAA underwritten air travel, cargo services and Voyager Miles.

  • Reaching for the Skies with our Feet on the Ground

    All our CSI programs and initiatives are managed in line with corporate governance guidelines on ethics and transparency and are chosen in line with the shareholder mandate.

    We constantly review initiatives and activities to ensure transparency and consistency. This continuous evaluation process ensues that benefits to communities are maximised.

    Reaching for the Sky with our Feet on The Ground CSI

    We consider only requests from registered charities, or appeals made in conjunction with a registered charity or registered not for profit organisation.

    Requests must be submitted at least 2 months prior to support being required.

    Email all your requests to:

  • CSI Focus Areas

    Our programmes are defined by the following priority areas.

    Education: Create Aviation & Career Awareness. Contribute to strengthen Education, specifically in the areas of maths, science and technology.

    Health: Providing air transport (limited to SAA's route network) for patients to access medical treatment which is not provided in South Africa.

    Disaster Relief: Facilitation of rapid response to unforeseen emergencies through a registered organisation or agency.

    Environment: Environmental awareness support and conservation through SAA's Environmental Project Office.

  • What We Do Not Support

    • Sponsorships (see SAA Group Sponsorship Page)
    • Bursaries, scholarships and training for SAA employees
    • Other benefits for SAA employees (for example, creche or education support for children of employees)
    • Initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of SAA's operations (see SAA and the Environment page)
    • Enterprise development support of organisations in SAA's supply chain
    • Individuals (beneficiaries should be referred through a partner organisation)
    • Sports teams
    • Religious organisations
    • Political parties and traditional leaders’ events
    • Trade union activities
    • Attendance of national/international conferences, competitions and events
  • Some of our Current Projects

    All our projects are aligned to the abovementioned focus areas. Ad hoc requests will be considered on the nature and merits of each request.

    SiVulindlela Career Awareness

    The SiVulindlela Project is a partnership between aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, SAA Technical and SAA Group, excluding Mango. With Boeings assistance, we sourced and converted a shipping container to resemble a Boeing 737-800.

    This fully equipped reproduction, the container is fitted out with a flight deck and seats, provides a complete inflight experience and is our way of inspiring youth to choose aviation as a career path.

    In line with our resolve to tap into the skills of SAA employees, our SiVulindlela Aviation Awareness Programme teams of experienced pilots, cabin crew, aircraft technicians and chefs visit disadvantaged communities to highlight opportunities available in our industry.

    SiVulindlela Career Awareness CSI

    Reach for a Dream and Wings and Wishes

    SAA Voyager gives organisations such as Wings and Wishes and Reach for a Dream a platform to showcase the good work they do. By donating Voyager Miles our stakeholders and partners make it possible for these organisations   to continue to grant wishes and also provide medical emergency airline tickets to children living with life-threatening illnesses.

    Staff Volunteerism

    Our employees are encouraged and SAA helps to facilitate volunteerism throughout our organisation. They donate time, food, clothing and provide school uniforms to organisations that we support.

    Staff Volunteerism CSI

    Literature Development

    Sadly just 5% of parents read to their children robbing both children and parents of the fun, and educational rewards that reading together can bring. SAA partnered with the Nal’ibali national reading-for-enjoyment campaign to help the children flying during the holidays soar to even great heights.

    Literature Development CSI