South African Airways wants to make it as easy as possible for you to fly with your young travellers.

Whether it’s a long planned family vacation or a short visit to see loved ones, our SAA crew are here to help make the trip as easy as possible.

From pre-booking seats to in-flight cots and specially prepared meals, we go out of our way to make yours and your child’s journey comfortable and memorable.

Book a nutritious meal for your child or ask for one of our activity-filled travel kits (on international routes)  for the older children to while away the time. Fly peacefully knowing that all our cabin crew receive first aid training should your child fall ill during the flight. 

On this page, you’ll find all the information necessary to ensure you experience a pleasant, trouble-free flight with your children.

  • If possible, try to schedule travel around your child’s regular nap time.

    Booking through SAA allows you to enjoy discounted tickets for your infant. If your child is under two years of age, they can either sit on your lap, or have their own seat. The cost of the ticket will vary accordingly.

    Bulkhead seats have enough space to fit one of our skycots, while a window seat will give your child breath taking views of the world below. Consider pre-booking these seats before departure.

    We do not allow strollers into the cabin but parents are welcome to use them as far as the plane entrance. It will be placed in the hold for the duration of the flight and a ground crew member will return it to you at your destination.

    SAA does not allow the online booking of seats for infants or children travelling alone. You will need to visit one of our ticket offices or contact our call centre.

    All infants must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Child friendly and nutritious in-flight meals can be ordered at least 48 hours before departure. Kosher meals must be ordered at least 72 hours prior to the day of departure.

    Alternatively, you can pack your child’s favourite snacks into your carry on luggage. Snacks can also ease a child’s discomfort on descent. Sucking, drinking or swallowing can help equalise the pressure in their ears.

    Some of the more convenient snacks to take on board include:

    •             Yoghurt

    •             A juice box

    •             Cereal bars

    •             Sliced fruit

  • Children are allowed eight kilograms of cabin luggage for their necessities. Consider bringing along:

    • Nappies
    • Wet wipes
    • A feeding bottle
    • Toys
    • Tasty snacks
    • A change of clothes
    • Ziploc™ bags

    Books, teethers and cuddle toys – all of which should fit in your hand luggage – are also allowed on board. Consider the comfort of fellow passengers and try not to pack noisy toys. If you’re still stressed out about being in the air with your infant, don’t be. We’re here to help. This downloadable list will ensure a safer and smoother trip for you and your child.

  • Your child must be in possession of the necessary documentation. These include a valid passports, visas and health documents or any documentation required by a country such as unabridged birth certificates or letters of consent. Please note the travel requirements for minors travelling to and from South Africa, and ensure you have put in place the relevant documentation. Further documentation may be required.

  • If your journey includes a flight with one of our partner airlines, the rules for travel may be different. You can either check with the airline or contact your local SAA office for information.