Where are you going to be when the ball drops on the old year?

(Image: Anthony Quintano)

Will you be at home with a billion people watching the festivities on TV or are you going to be one of the million bidding a collective farewell to the departing year in New York’s Times Square?

Time Square before the party. (Image: Katie Killary)

(Image: Peter T)

The crowds are daunting. People will clatter into you. Bathrooms are a hike away. But keep your cool and enjoy the bash. Like you people are there ticking off a bucket-list item so slow down, chill out and keep calm.

(Image: Peter T)

(Image: Peter T)

Its almost my bedtime. Lets get the party started.
(Image: Mo Riza)

On the periphery of the party, waiting. (Image: Chris Amelung)

Its cold. Windy. Crowded. But the experience is worth it. (Image: gigi_nyc)

The fireworks begin early, at 6 pm when the New Years Eve Ball begins its slow ascent of the top of One Times Square. To get the party started the Times Square Alliance sanitation crew, those people in the bright red uniforms, are busy handing out party favours to revellers.

(Image: Anthony Quintano)

(Image: Peter T)

If wishes were dreams. The Time Square Visitors Center wishing well notes become confetti. (Image: gigi_nyc)

Crowds come for the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve performances! The  lights go up on the stage at 8. Over the years performances by U2, Elton John, Pink, The O’ Jays, Busta Rhymes, Destiny’s Child, the Pussycat Dolls, Jennifer Lopez, Robin Thicke, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and (famously last year) Mariah Carey, have kept the crowds warm.

Mariah Carey performs during the New Year’s Rockin Eve Countdown. (Image: amny)

Justin Bieber and Carlos Santana keeping the party going. (Image: YouTube)

The Pussycat Dolls perform at the MTV Times Square studio on New Years Eve. (Image: Fanpage.-)

Confetti raining down as the curtain drops on another year. (Image: gigi_nyc)

The aftermath (Image: Anthony Quintano)