The rAge expo is South Africa’s biggest annual video gaming, computer, technology and ‘geek’ culture exhibition in the country. It runs from the 5th to the 7th of October 2018 and could prove to be even greater than 2017’s rAge expo, which was a virtual runaway success. Last year rAge saw a staggering 35,845 visitors through the doors with an incredible over R2.2 million in prize money that was given away at the various esports events.

This expo is an event that requires you to leave daylight hours to curious onlookers, parents and the non-gaming fraternity with the rest of the outdoor world. rAge invites you to leap, and not to worry which digital dimension or Fantasy Empire you’re going dust yourself off from landing in. It’s a place where you can be who you choose to be, where cyber worlds blend into one augmented reality and time seems to escape without you having any control over it.

Convention attendees are between the ages 12-38 (the average age being around 20), with approximately a 60% male to a 40% female ratio, but in fairness when there’s a game, and a console, there’s usually a cyber-swashbuckler saving a village or planet, and who cares if they’re named Harry or Harriett?

Moms and dads have been spotted at the convention, enjoying themselves way more than they’d like to admit, along with regular cosplayers (people who dress up as specific characters), serious gamers who compete on esports locally or internationally for prize money, add to the mix; managers, coaches, MGOs (multi-gaming organizations) and shout casters (match commentators) all interfacing in the same great location.

First time visitors to the convention will be blown away by the amount of cyber fantasy weaponry as well as the amount of things to do. They may be spotted gawking all weekend long, while regulars will find it difficult to not blow all their budget or savings on the spectacular line up of digital candy in the form of retail shopping available at the expo.

With 130 exhibitors, product stands from hardware and software retail stores, big console heavyweights like (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) as well as PC gaming products, gaming apparel and accessories, you’ll need to pace yourself. You can also visit the local game development studios and take part in game development challenges or look forward to talks by international game developers, esports events with prize money, not to mention artist signings, comic books and character role-playing. For collectors and players, board and card games like (Magic: The Gathering), will be present as well as sensational digital lifestyle gear like 3D printing, VR gadgets and more.

The expo also plays host to NAG LAN, a gaming platform and South Africa’s largest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer/ Console) LAN (Local Area Network) For this rAge expo over 2,000 gamers are expected from all over South Africa. They will arrive ready to engage with their trusted gaming rigs/laptops/consoles to participate in this unique event. The NAG LAN event involves 52 hours of defending enemy lines, losing strongholds, gaining Intel, and occasionally eating (actual food) in between world domination and slaying evil overlords. There’s also the fun probability of meeting players face-to-face, and sharing in this hobby that is dictated by passion, governed by time and commitment, and unifying through an unspoken camaraderie.

The NAG LAN is a unique experience and definitely worth checking out or being a part of at this year’s expo.

Cosplay (the art of story-telling with costumes or dressing-up) is now a worldwide industry, attracting countless new devotees and fans every day. And as an ever-growing hobby in South Africa, rAge has seen some of the best-dressed cosplayers around. Every event the diversity, staging and quality of the costumes advances dramatically in creativity and innovation. Artists get a chance to showcase their talent in make-up and costume design savvy while the cosplayers take to the stage wowing the crowds and adding a sensational comic book, super-hero and alternate world vibe.

So break free of your day-to-day life, because rAge 2018 is ready and waiting for you in HD. Experience an epic weekend that’s 100% Geek tested and approved!

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